All for one

Kriss society is highly regimented, with individuals being advanced based on their merit and performance alone. If a Kriss cannot perform their duties, they are removed from their position for another, though more often they remove themselves. All of Kriss society supports their figurehead, the queen, who rules over an extended family of anywhere from 30 to 500 others. There are thousands of such families in the Kriss territories. When a queen nears the end of her life, she hatches a replacement. If a queen is killed, the Kriss under her usually become Clik’ti – a servant to another family. Clik’ti have no position in their new family, nor can they progress, and are most often used as laborers. They usually succumb to death long before they would have otherwise.

Underground dwellers

Kriss families live their lives and build their homes underground. For this reason the surface races have no good intel on just how many Kriss there are, or how large their territory is. This has led to conflicts, particularly on the eastern half of Aboria, where the humans are trying to maintain settlements. Kriss caverns are dark, winding affairs, and must be guarded at all times from wandering monsters and other Kriss families. Kriss who take over another family’s caverns usually loot them of resources and then cave them in.

Trik’chil (Queenshome)

Despite the animosity that exists between many Kriss tribes, they did maintain a neutral underground city called Trik’Chil. It was here that Kriss families could intermingle, trade and conduct diplomatic talks. Contrary to normal Kriss homes, Trik’Chil was composed of vast caverns to accomodate stalls, squares and communal meeting chambers. Trik’Chil was lost in the demon invasion

Language barrier

Although many Kriss understand common (finding it to be a very simple language), because of their unique throat and mouth structure Kriss cannot speak it; instead they communicate with a complex system of clicks and chirps called Kriss’l. Other mortal races are unable to mimic these sounds, and so cannot speak the language, but some do learn to understand it if they spend a lot of time with Kriss companions.

Kriss traits

Ability score increase: Your Constitution score is increased by 2
Age: Kriss reach adulthood by the age of three and rarely live past 30 years.
Alignment: Kriss society is highly organised and community focussed; they follow strict hierarchies and keep their word. For this reason they strongly lean toward white.
Size: Kriss are fairly uniformly 5ft tall, although slight cariations exist. You are a medium creature.
Speed: Your base movement speed is 30ft
Darkvision: Accustomed to the darkness in underground caverns, Kriss treat dim light within 60 feet of them as if it were bright light, and darkness as if it were dim light. Rather than normal vision however, this vision is a mottled mixture of red hues.
Battle minded: The Kriss are masters of battlefield coordination. You have a bonus to attack rolls equal to the amount of significant encounters you have been in minus 1 (to a minimum of 0). This bonus resets after each short rest and cannot exceed your proficiency bonus.
Chitonous plating: All Kriss form a solid epidermis; your base AC when not wearing armour is 15. Wearing armour does not subtract from this AC.
Multi-legged: Your four limbs and squat stature give you advantage on check to avoid being pushed, pulled or tripped.
Languages: You speak Kriss’l and can understand Common, but your unique physiology means you cannot speak it.
Subrace: Choose one of the following subraces:

Trik’Chi (Queen’s daughter)

When a Queen nears the end of her life, she lays an egg which will one day become the queen who replaces her – from this egg comes the Trik’Chi. These Kriss are raised by the queen personally and in her own image. They are schooled in diplomacy, warfare, magic and the arts. For a Trik-Chi to leave her people is almost unheard of, and usually the result of a lost hive and/or the death of a queen before her time.
Ability score increase: Your Wisdom or Charisma score increases by 1
Pheromones: Kriss queens use pheromones to help keep their people on side; you know the Friends cantrip.

Trik’tu (Queen’s guard)

All non-queen Kriss are called Ak’tu, as all are tasked with guarding the queen. These Kriss are equal parts builders and soldiers, and are formed into clear and confining class roles.
Ability score increase: Your Strength or Dexterity score increases by 1
Refined sinews: You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.


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